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About Us



The Palestinian Cultural Organization Malaysia is an independent non-governmental organization that aims at spreading awareness about the Palestinian Cause and concentrating the Malaysian support to the Palestinians at all public and official levels.

The organization was launched on 14th February 2011 with the presence of his Excellency Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and several Malaysian leaders and figures.


To become the Malaysian gateway to the Palestinian Cause, and the Palestinian gateway to Malaysia.


To present the true picture of the Palestinian Cause to the Malaysian government, society and media so that we become a recognized reference on the developments of the Cause and the suffering and hopes of the Palestinian people.


  1. To introduce the Malaysian society to Palestine, Jerusalem and the developments of the Palestinian Issue.
  2. To spread awareness about the dangers threatening Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem.
  3. To increase the cultural interaction between the Malaysian people and the Palestinian people.
  4. To communicate with the Malaysian public and officials, as well as local media and journalists with regards to the Palestinian Issue.
  5. To encourage the members of the Malaysian society to grant their support and aid to the Palestinian people to help protect their national rights.