Al Hayyah: Our Primary aim is to implement 2011 Cairo Agreement

The member of the Politburo of Hamas, Khalil Al Hayyah stated that the upcoming round of dialogues in Cairo on the 21st of  this month aims to agree upon mechanisms to implement 2011 Cairo Agreement under the Egyptian auspices.

During a meeting organized by the Media Forum in Gaza, Al Hayyah asserted that Hamas is going to achieve reconciliation with utmost honesty and confidence indicating that there is a national consensus on the 2011 Cairo Agreement as a constitution for reconciliation.

He explained that we are living a national stage where the spirit of partnership and unity among our people are highly needed.

Al Hayyah pointed out that the Palestinian people are embracing the reconciliation; something that will motivate the Palestinian factions in Cairo.

He noted that the first part of reconciliation which is empowering the government has been fulfilled. He called upon it to carry out its missions in Gaza.

Al Hayyah added, “We need a national unity government and this must be announced at the Cairo meetings”.

Al Hayyah confirmed that the security issue is isolated from the government’s work. He also stated that the parties agreed to form a joint security committee responsible  for rebuilding  the security apparatus and to follow up the security policies within an integrated vision.

He also called to rebuild and develop the PLO  and to set a timeline for holing the general elections and the National Council.

He affirmed that the first issue of reconciliation in Cairo is to reactivate the PLO on the basis of democracy calling for  immediate completion of the election law.

He added,“ It is better to urgently set a time for holding the general elections”.

Moreover,  Al Hayyah called to end and criminalize political arrests in the occupied West Bank in order to defuse  the community rivalry.

He pointed out that all Palestinian people have the right to enjoy the national reconciliation.

He asserted that,”  We, along with the national factions, have succeeded to reconcile  the issues of 140 martyrs of the division period”, noting that our people must be free in  all that is guaranteed by the law.

Al Hayyah affirmed that the Unity Government may not protest or make pre-conditions to lift the collective sanctions.

He added, “ Our people have the  right to demand the Unity Government not only to lift the sanctions, but also to provide a decent life for the Palestinian citizens by all possible and legitimate means”.

Al Hayyah stated that the government does not have the right to ask for empowering after controlling all ministries, pointing out that all the decisions of the government and the ministers are respected by everyone and no one has contested them.

He concluded, “ We carried out all that has been agreed upon, and we will act positively in all coming phases to ensure the success of the government” .


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