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Al Hayyah: the weapons of resistance are non-negotiable

The deputy head of Hamas in Gaza Strip, Khalil Al Hayyah, stated that the weapons of the resistance are  an exception and Hamas will not accept  to put it on the table for negotiations.

On a television interview on Al Jazeera, Al Hayyah stressed Wednesday evening that the weapons of resistance must not be bargained and  we that Hamas will fight occupation by all possible means until it is defeated.

Al Hayyah pointed out that the agreement  in Cairo was based on the Egyptian vision. He also added:  “ We informed all parities, including Turkey  and Qatar, of  our positive positions before going to Cairo.”

He explained that the Egyptian  security understandings include control of the borderline  for the security of Egypt and Gaza Strip.

We Welcome the Unity Government

Al Hayyah  affirmed that Hamas seriously aims to end division and it will not back down. He also welcomed the arrival of the National Unity Government  to Gaza Strip to fulfill its responsibilities.

He assured that Hamas will provide the government will all the possible needs. calling on it to accomplish its mission in all the departments of Gaza including security. He added: “ No one will interfere with its work.”

Al Hayyah continued: “ there is no room for ignoring the issue of the public employees. We will meet the government after its arrival in Gaza to develop mechanisms on resolving several issues, most notably ,the issue of employees.”

Fatah and Dahlan

Al Hayyah briefed that the understandings with Mohammed Dahlan were based on the continuation of the relief work and  developing e work with the MPs of the Palestinian Legislative Council.

He stressed that the relation with Dahlan is not a substitute for the relationship with Fatah movement calling all Palestinians for a joint national action.

Al Hayyah emphasized that Hamas will not interfere with the internal disputes inside  Fatah and that it hopes they will end them  through dialogue. He expressed that Hamas is ready to make any effort to end the differences within Fatah Movement.

Al Hayyah also pointed out that the Palestinian cause  needs  the help of all factions and no one can be excluded from serving the cause.

Unity and ending division

Al Hayyah  said: “ We want to unite our people and end division. We aim to have one leadership, one government and one people.”

Al Hayyah explained that the occupation wants divided Palestinians to separate the West Bank and Gaza ,continue its settlements plots and Judaize Jerusalem and the holy sites.

He asserted that Hamas is a part of the besieged people and if there is any explosion in Gaza, it will be in the face of those who imposed siege on Gaza.

Al Hayyah assured that the greatest motivation for Hamas is the interest of Palestinian people stating that Hamas has  tried  all means to end the siege.

He thanked all those who supported the Palestinian people and sought to ease the   siege on Gaza Strip, urging the Arab countries to support our people at all levels.

Al Hayyah added that Hamas seeks to strengthen relations with all on the bases of non-interference in the internal affairs of the countries and not replacing anyone. A unified strategy

Al Hayyah stated that Hamas has remarkable development in its political thought due to the past experiences expressing his optimism about the Palestinian political future.

He said: “ The failure of the settlement project leads us to unite on a new unified strategy.”

Al Hayyah concluded that the classification of  US President Donald Trump of Hamas as a terrorist group goes hand in hand with the Zionist vision. He also noted that Hamas is exercising its legitimate right to resist guaranteed by international laws.