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Al Sinwar: Joint work promotes the national project

The head of the Political Bureau of Hamas, Yahya Al Sinwar, stressed the importance of the joint work among  all Palestinian factions  to promote the national project  and  achieve  its goals.

During his meeting with senior writers and analysts in his office, Al Sinwar reiterated  Tuesday that Hamas is exerting all efforts to ease the siege on Gaza Strip.

He also listened to their explanations and questions and discussed with them the latest developments  on  the Palestinian cause and the possible ways to achieve  the nation’s  goals.

Al Sinwar pointed out that Hamas is keen to  develop the capabilities of the resistance within the framework of its comprehensive political, military, legal and media understanding and in line with providing a decent living for Gazans.

He also expressed Hamas’ refusal to separate Gaza from the rest of Palestine. Al Sinwar concluded the importance of spreading  freedom within the Palestinian society in order to enhance the cohesion of the society in the  face the challenges.