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Al-Sinwar: Reconciliation decision irreversible, fully backed by Hamas

Head of Hamas movement in Gaza Strip, Yahya Al-Sinwar, reiterated that the achievement of a national reconciliation is a strategic and irreversible decision fully backed by the movement.

During a meeting organized by Hamas’s youth department in Gaza on Thursday, Al-Sinwar said, “We will do everything necessary to achieve the reconciliation and end the division while making sure that no party thwarts these important efforts.”

He pointed out that the Palestinian division is a great danger to the Palestinian cause, which has led Hamas to strategically opt for a reconciliation in hope of resolving all associated issues and uniting the people of Palestine against the Israeli Occupation.

In another context, Al-Sinwar emphasized on the important role the youth need to play in the Palestinian cause and the reconciliation, given their determination and sacrifice in hope of seeing a bright future for Palestine.

“The Palestinian cause and the reconciliation are in the hands of our younger generations, for they have the ability to unite Palestinians against the Occupation and this is exactly what is needed at a time where Arab countries are normalizing with the Israel Occupation, and where the US administration is fully supporting the occupation of Palestine”.

Regarding the improving relations with Egypt, Al-Sinwar reiterated, “Our relationship with Egypt has developed strategically, and we will continue to develop this relationship for the best of both the Palestinian and Egyptian people.”

He also pointed out that Hamas and different factions are fully cooperating together to improve the current situation and to overcome any other obstacles that may affect the leading project of liberation.

“We want to solve all problems at the national level and devote ourselves to the project of liberation and return.”

Towards the end of his speech, Al-Sinwar said that efforts are being carried out to merge all resistance factions into one in hope of establishing a Palestinian National Army for the liberation of Palestine.