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Gaza municipality warns of service reduction

GAZA, (PIC) +-
A Palestinian official source in Gaza said on Sunday that Gaza Municipality complains of shortage in resources and foreign aid cuts, which implies a reduction in the services offered.

Mayor of Gaza Nizar Hejazi said, in a press conference held in the municipality’s headquarters in the city, that many of financial aid and grants have been suspended especially those associated with basic services such as fuel and recruiting of sanitation workers as well as operating grants.

He pointed out that the deterioration of the economic conditions in Gaza has led to residents’ incapability to pay for the bills. This, in turn, has already impacted the Municipality’s ability to pay workers’ salaries.

He added that they are facing an increase in the expenses due to the increased purchase of fuel in order to run the power plants.

Power consumption rate has reached 45% during 2017, only for water and sewage services, Hejazi highlighted.

He stressed that the expenses of the month of January alone indicated the continuation of the worsening financial conditions and warned of a disastrous aggravation of the crisis.

The mayor asked the Palestinian Authority to abide by their responsibility for the Gaza Strip.