Haniyeh hosts the Egyptian Intelligence Chief

The head of Hamas political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh met on Tuesday in Gaza the Egyptian Intelligence Chief, Khaled Fawzi, to underscore the historical Egyptian role in defending Palestinian rights.

Haniyeh hailed the recent Egyptian stance regarding the efforts being made to achieve the Palestinian unity, as he noted that the Egyptian officials are genuinely keen to follow all the details regarding the reconciliation initiative. This reflects, pointed Haniyeh, an overall positive Egyptian attitude in regard to all Palestinian issues.

He described the visit as “historical” in light of the swift improvements on the ground to accomplish the Palestinian unity and to end the split status forever.

He noted as well that Hamas from its side took very responsible steps to push the reconciliation forward, mainly by dissolving the national committee in Gaza, paving the way for the national government to reestablish its presence in Gaza, and finally working  to hold national elections.

From his side, the Egyptian intelligence chief  told Hamas leaders that history will tell that they have united the Palestinian people.

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