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Humanitarian cases among 529 Palestinians crossing Rafah terminal

GAZA, (PIC) +-
The Gaza-based Palestinian Ministry of Interior said 529 Palestinians had left the Gaza Strip to Egypt through the Rafah crossing on Saturday.

Ten buses carrying 529 passengers passed through Rafah crossing point after the Egyptian authorities unblocked the passageway for a two-way opening for four days.

Among those who crossed the passageway were 317 students, 25 sick passengers and their companions, along with a dead citizen in an ambulance car.

The Palestinian Ministry of Interior urged registered passengers to flock to Abu Yousef al-Najar terminal in Khan Younis pending their transfer.

The Egyptian authorities have kept Rafah border crossing, Gaza’s sole passageway, shut down since March. Since the start of 2017, the crossing has been opened for 18 days only, leaving thousands of Gazans, including hundreds of sick civilians and humanitarian cases, stranded.