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Israeli army threatens anew to raze Kaabneh Bedouin School in W. Bank

The Israeli occupation army on Tuesday renewed its intent to demolish al-Kaabneh school which was established by Arab Bedouins for their children a long time ago north of Jericho in the West Bank.

School principal Mahmoud al-Jarmi said that the Israeli army’s civil administration informed him once again of its intention to raze the school, stressing that the right to education is protected by the international law.

Principal Jarmi appealed to local and international educational organizations to intervene and help al-Kaabneh Bedouins to confront the arrogant and arbitrary measures pursued by Israel against them.

Al-Kaabneh Bedouin School is frequented by Palestinian students from various Bedouin hamlets located in Area C of the West Bank, which is under Israel’s control according to Oslo accords. It was already threatened with demolition by the Israeli army.

Located in a Bedouin community in the middle of the desert, 50 km north-east of Jerusalem, al-Kaabneh school is composed of six shipping containers. They provide the school’s students with little protection from heat or cold, and they lack proper sanitation facilities. The school has only one functioning toilet, offers no library or computer lab and has no schoolyard where children can play.

The demolition orders arise from an Israeli systematic policy that makes it very difficult for Palestinians to obtain permits for construction of schools, homes and other structures in much of the West Bank, according to the UNICEF.