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On Tel Zattar massacre anniversary, Hamas calls for upholding refugees’ rights

The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas reiterated in the 41st anniversary of Tal Zttar’s massacre that the main goal for the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon is the right of return to their homeland.

Hamas refugees office in Lebanon called on rectifying the relation between the Lebanese state and the Palestinian refugees living there highlighting that  it’s  an important factor for Lebanon’s stability.

Hamas also  called upon  the Lebanese authorities to reconstruct  Naher El-Bared’s refugee camp in order to avoid Tel Zattar’s destiny.

Hamas office confirmed that all these crimes perpetrated against the Palestinian refugees will inevitably  fail in diverting the Palestinian compass that is directed towards Palestine, noting that the victims’ blood will pave the way for the upcoming generations who  will  complete the liberation mission.

Hamas also asked for issuing an apology by those who perpetrated the crime, fully  compensating the victims’ families, and locating the corpses to bury them in a respectable way.