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PCOM organize Palestine Advocacy week

Palestinian Culture Organization Malaysia (PCOM), in cooperation with other Malaysian organizations, organized a forum and two workshops to support the Palestinian cause and mobilize support in the middle of the Malaysian society in its various categories.
These activities came as a part of a campaign launched by the supporting institutions of the Palestinian cause in Malaysia titled “Palestine Advocacy Week” during the period from 14 to 18 August.

The week was divided into three different sessions, were the first workshop targeted the category of university students in different degrees.

The content included two main points, the first being discussed by Mr. Zaher Birawi, chairman of the European-Palestinian Forum, on how to build lobbying groups to support the Palestinian issue, as well as the challenges that can be faced by these lobbies and ways that students can use them to reach the cause to the largest number of the Malaysian people.

The second focus was on the importance of a media content industry that serves the issue in modern ways. Media and filmmaker Rawan Al Damen has trained the students to produce and write a distinctive story that is capable of attracting viewers to the Palestinian issue. Ms. Rowan also presented a variety of her documentary films to convey her experience to the trainees and to rehabilitate their skills in highlighting the fair Palestinian cause.


The second day focused on the Malaysian NGOs and their active role in re-focusing the attention of the government and the Malaysian people in supporting the cause and determining the best tools and the most successful in modernizing the society in the occupied territories in Palestine.
PCOM concluded her activities this week in a forum where they had the guest of honor Tan Sri Rastam Mohd Isa chairman of the institute of strategic and international studies Malaysia(ISIS) , who spoke about the situation of Palestine in the light of political and regional developments and how to highlight it despite the other external distractions.


Prof. Mohd  Nazari Ismail, Chairman of the Boycott Divestments & Sanctions Movements (BDS) Malaysia , explained the active role of the movement and its importance in resisting the Israeli occupation and boycotting the companies that enable it to carry forward its crimes.

Mr. Muslim Omran, Chairman of the Palestinian Cultural Organization Malaysia, concluded the forum by paying the attention of the audience  to the role of NGOs in crystallizing the cause  and making it the focus of the humanitarian world once again in the rapid regional changes.