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Press release concerning illegal settlers’ increased authority in West Bank

In the name of Allah the most Merciful

Press Statement

Abdul Latif Al-Qanou, Hamas spokesperson, stated the following:

Recent decisions passed by the Israeli Occupation that have legitimized and accelerated the building of illegal Israeli settlements and in particular the formation of an administrative council for the illegal settlers in Al-Khalil, is a dangerous and unprecedented step that will lead to dire consequences if the Occupation doesn’t retract from its ruling.

The decision of forming an administrative council in Al-Khalil reflects the extreme side of the occupation and its barbaric and biased behaviour in dealing with the Palestinian people. It’s also conclusive evidence of Israel’s rejection of all UN resolutions and a wakeup for those who rely on futile negotiations  with the Israeli Occupation in hope of gaining the rights of the Palestinian people.

Hamas calls upon the international community and UN institutions to shoulder their responsibilities towards Palestine and pressure the Israeli Occupation to stop its crimes and violations. The movement also calls on the Palestinian people to confront and thwart the schemes of the Israeli Occupation with all possible means.

Abdul Latif Al-Qanou

Hamas spokesperson

4 September 2017