Press release condemning Mahmoud Abbas’s salary cut of ex-detainees

In the name of Allah the most Merciful

Press Statement

Fawzi Barhoum, spokesman for the Islamic Resistance Movement ,Hamas, said the following:

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, condemns the actions of the Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, of cutting the salaries of ex-detainees , and considers such action as immoral and shameful. This act clearly serves the agenda of the Israeli Occupation which aims to make life difficult and miserable for Palestinian ex-detainees.

This irresponsible and shameful act needs to be met with large protests from different Palestinian parties and icons, as well as confronting and ending the dangerous scheme being plotted against Gaza and its people.

Consequently, the Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, is required to immediately withdraw all his dangerous measures against the Gaza Strip and its people, particularly the ex-detainees. Different Palestinian factions are also required to counter Abbas’s plots against the Palestinian cause.

Professor Fawzi Barhoum

Spokesman for the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas”

05 / June / 2017

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