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Press release denying claims of tunnels located under Gazan homes

In the name of Allah the most Merciful

Press Statement

Mr. Hazem Qasem, spokesperson for the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” stated the following:

Hamas strongly denies the claims issued by Israel’s southern region military commander which claim  the existence of resistance tunnels under the homes of two families in the northern Gaza Strip.

Such lies and rumours are part of Israel’s failed policy and psychological war to deplete the morale of the Palestinian people and an attempt to legitimize its crimes that may be committed against civilians in Gaza.

Hamas calls on media agencies to refrain from dealing  with the lies of the Israeli Occupation  and urges human rights organizations to carry out their duties in exposing the intentions of the Israeli occupation which aim to justify its deliberate targeting of unarmed civilians.

Hazem Qasem

Hamas spokesperson

14 / August / 2017