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Press release following convention of Security Council

In the name of Allah the Merciful

Press Statement

Issued by the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas”

Hamas considered the convention of the Security Council on Monday as a way to determine the international community’s stance on Trump’s decision, in which he declared Jerusalem as the capital of “Israel”  a real chance to assert the rights of Palestinians in Jerusalem,  and other previous international resolutions on Jerusalem which Israel has flouted for so many years because it sees itself as a “state” above the law. Unfortunately, the results of the Council’s meeting in which the US administration vetoed the resolution, confirms America’s biased stand with Israel and exposes its false claims of being a peace mediator between Palestinians and Israelis.  Betting on the United States as an impartial brokerin the  Palestinian issue has  proven to be a failure and a waste of time. By vetoing the UN Council’s decision, the US  administration has presented a model for the practice of the policy of “bullying” on international institutions and decisions.

Therefore, we in the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” confirm  the following:

  1.  Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Palestine, and no American or Israeli decision will change this fact.

2.  The violation of the status of Jerusalem not only affects the Palestinians, but also the millions of Arabs and Muslims around the world who revere this city and its sanctities.

3. We will work by all means available to counter these decisions and make sure they don’t pass.

4.  The American administration bears all repercussions which have ensued  in the region, following this reckless decision.

5.  We call upon the international community to act immediately and by all means to prevent any actions affecting the character, status or demographic composition of the Holy City and its surroundings.

6.  We warn the Israeli Occupation of any steps that could affect the character, status or demographic composition of holy city , or the conditions of sanctities, and they will pay the price of their crimes against our people and holy sites.

7.  We call on the Palestinian Authority and President Abbas to seize  this opportunity to terminate the ominous Oslo accord, which was the main reason for our tragic situation, to consider the negotiations as part of the past, and to immediately end security coordination with the occupation.

8.  We call on our people  to protect Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Palestine, and its Islamic and Christian holy places by all means, and ignite an uprising that will end the occupation.

9. We call on our Arab and Islamic nations at the official and  street fronts to take immediate and continuous action to protect Jerusalem and its Islamic and Christian holy sites from this Israeli-American attack.

The Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas”

18 December 2017