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Qaraqe announces submission of documents on Israeli war crimes to ICC

Issa Qaraqe, Head of Detainees and Ex-detainees Committee, announced submission of documents that prove committing war crimes by Israeli occupation against Palestinian prisoners to the International Criminal Court (ICC). It is the first time in which Qaraqe declares such a move. However, he did not give more detail.

This came in a meeting held in solidarity with Palestinian detainees at the Embassy of Palestine in Beirut. The meeting was attended by Secretary General of Fatah Movement and other factions of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in Lebanon, Fathi Abu al-Ardat. Other key figures and representatives of Palestinian and Lebanese parties as well as societies, concerned with prisoners in Israeli jails, participated in the event.

Qaraqe said in the meeting “We are gathering here for the sake of a just cause and for the sake of one million Palestinian prisoners who entered Israeli jails; some have died and others are released, but Israeli arrests are still going on”.

He stressed that the Israeli attacking of prisoners and trying to criminalize everyone who confronts the Israeli occupation is the most dangerous thing detainees could face in Israeli jails.

Qaraqe urged the UN and international organizations to conduct transparent investigations in order to expose the Israeli crimes practiced against Palestinian captives in Israeli jails.

Such crimes include detaining the bodies of prisoners who died in Israeli prisons in the so called cemeteries of numbers as well as arbitrary detention, arrest of minors, pursuing punitive measures against detainees and many more, he elaborated.