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Tension flares as Israeli settlers attack iconic mosque in Jaffa

A number of extremist Israeli settlers attacked on Thursday the Hasan Bek Mosque in Jaffa, in Palestinian territories occupied in 1948.

The mosque’s imam (preacher), Ahmed Ajwa, said an anonymous settler speaking Hebrew came within the reach of the mosque and yelled racist anti-Muslim offenses, before he threw an empty bottle filled with a suspect substance toward the main entrance gate.

According to Ajwa, this assault has not been the first of its kind as similar such assaults have been carried out over recent years.

Ajwa noted that mosques in Jaffa have been under continuous assaults at the hands of Israeli settler gangs who have been given the green light from the official Israeli institutions.

He called on the Palestinians in Jaffa to intensify their presence at the mosque so as to defend it against Israel’s sacrilegious aggressions.

According to a number of Muslim worshipers in the area, the assault is completely related to the Israeli attacks on Islamic holy sites across the occupied Palestinian territories, including on al-Aqsa Mosque.

“This aggression is a proof of the racist and barbaric Israeli mentality, which is increasing among the settler community. This is an aggression on the right to freely perform religious rituals,” said a Muslim worshiper.