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Two Palestinians on hunger strike against administrative detention

Palestinian human rights sources on Saturday said that two Palestinian prisoners have launched an open hunger strike in Israeli jails protesting their administrative detention without charge or trial.

According to Voice of Prisoners radio, Hasan Shoukeh, 29, who is a resident of Bethlehem city, continues his hunger strike for the 11th day in a row in protest at the Ofer military court’s order to detain him administratively for 6 months.

It added that shoukeh, who was arrested on 31st September, was detained before on charges of being a member of the Islamic Jihad movement.

The same human rights sources reported that captive Belal Diab, 32, from Kafr Ra’i town in Jenin province, has been on hunger strike for 6 consecutive days in protest at the six-month administrative detention order imposed on him.

Diab, who was arrested on 14th July, is also a member of the Islamic Jihad and had previously waged a 77-day hunger strike in 2012 for the same reason.

Nearly 500 Palestinian prisoners are held in administrative detention in Israeli jails that is constantly extended for a period ranging from one month to six months.

Israeli authorities pursue the administrative detention policy against all segments of the Palestinian people as a form of collective punishment in an attempt to repress them.

They usually detain Palestinians without charge or trial or refuse to reveal the charges leveled against them for allegedly being “confidential” preventing defense lawyers from doing their job properly.