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War on Gaza (2)-1

Israeli occupation has launched its war on Gaza by assassinating Hamas’ military chief Ahmad Aljaabari, the war lasted for 8 days (14/11/2012 – 21/11/2012), resulted in 181 Palestinians killed (42 children, 11 women and 18 elderly) and over 1300 injured.
During 8 days of the war, Israel – in a clear violation to the international laws- has targeted several press offices killing 3 journalists at least, besides targeting PM office, a police station, Islamic National Bank, 6 ambulance vehicles, 3 medical centers, 36 mosques, 6 cemeteries and several residential buildings.
As a response to the Israeli deadly attacks on Gaza, the resistance factions lead by Hamas have fired over a thousand missiles that reached Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem for the first time killing 19 Israelis most of them are soldiers. Besides, the resistance has exploded 2 Israeli military vehicles, took down 3 aircrafts and targeted 2 warships and several tanks surrounding Gaza.
The war on Gaza has attracted a great international interaction; rallies have been organized in over 50 countries around the world, official condemnation to the Israeli aggression by several leaders, several official delegations flowed to Gaza, and an uprising in the West-bank in solidarity with Gaza.
The Israeli occupation has begged a truce via the Egyptian mediator; a ceasefire took effect on 21/11/2012 at 9 pm after the resistance factions have imposed their conditions and demands on the Israeli side. The ceasefire agreement forced an immediate end of the attacks by both sides, end of all forms of aggressions by the Israeli occupation, end of the Israeli assassination policy and targeting the civilians and opening of all boarders’ crossings for Palestinian people and goods.


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