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Wide solidarity for Palestinian prisoners hunger strike

Palestinians around the world stand in solidarity with the hunger strikers in Israeli prisons.

Palestinians around the world are posting videos on social media, showing them drinking salty water as part of a new online challenge to draw attention to Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails.


“water and salt challenge”, advocates of hunger strike call for solidarity through a video before mixing salt in a glass of water and drinking it. Like the Ice Bucket Challenge, which spread to raise awareness about ALS in 2014, after drinking salt water, a person challenges a number of his friends to challenge. In addition, many famous celebrities from Arabic world and Western one did join to the event and post their change to show support for Palestinian prisoners.

The challenge is to use salt water because that is what hunger strikers drink to keep their health status fairly moderate while abstaining from food.

More than 1,500 Palestinians in eight Israeli prisons on 17 April launched a hunger strike in the “Battle of Freedom and Dignity” to demand better living conditions and access to medical treatment. Fatah leader Marwan Barghouthi coordinated the strike.