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PCO consistently values the contribution each person on the team brings to the organisation. Throughout the company, employees have an opportunity to develop their skills and build careers in this highly competitive and regulated industry.
Over the past 35 years, the company has invested in the development of its managers and employees in all departments. This creates an environment that promotes and encourages employees to take on responsibility for the development of their careers – whether you start in administration or production, you can develop your career into areas of specialism and management positions, through the support of company and your personal ambition.
As the organisation continues to grow and expand there will be ongoing opportunities across all of our departments, from Finance, Sales, Quality, Regulatory Affairs, Production, Dispatch and goods inwards to Purchasing and we welcome applications for any roles and opportunities.

Please check with our HR Partner for any queries you may have in relation to open roles or your application, at . PCO is an equal opportunity employer, and we openly advertise all our roles on online job boards, internally on our notice boards, and we encourage referrals from our employees. If you are interested in developing your career in this sector and would like to work with PCO, please send through your CV and covering letter to
We look forward to hearing from you.


The PCO sales team prides itself on being excellent in what we do, to be innovative in developing new business and we strive to provide our customers with affordable medicine and value- added services through excellence in quality.

Who do we supply?
PCO sell directly to retail pharmacies, private and public hospitals and directly to wholesale across Ireland.

The PCO Specialists Sales Team aims to provide the highest standards of service to all our customers.

Each Customer has their own dedicated Business Account Manager.

We offer same delivery to our Dublin customers and next day delivery to the rest of the country. We work with or customers to find the most efficient delivery solution that works for them.
Customers can place their orders via The PCO website, their dispensary system or directly over the phone with any of the sales team.


Over the last 37 years, PCO has established a comprehensive network of 100+ trusted partner-suppliers throughout the European Union for its pharmaceutical manufacturing requirements.
Our Suppliers are subject to a robust vendor qualification process by our Quality Team. This is to verify that they are appropriately authorised by their own country’s competent authority to wholesale medicinal products.

Our Procurement Team then work closely with these pharmaceutical wholesalers to develop long lasting relationships, which further ensures the quality and integrity of our supply chain.

Procurement works tirelessly to ensure we have the right products, in the right volumes, at the right price and at the right time to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Manufacturing and Distribution

At our facility in Ashbourne, we specialize in the packaging of finished pharmaceutical products, ensuring strict adherence to current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Our dedicated and proficient Production Team operates with unwavering commitment to the highest standards of GMP, duly authorized through our MIA issued by the HPRA.

Our Production Team are an exceptional group of individuals who exemplify professionalism, expertise, and unwavering dedication. Their collective skill set, attention to detail, innovative problem-solving abilities and commitment to excellence, allow us to operate at the forefront of the industry, consistently meeting and exceeding the highest standards of production. Their collaborative spirit and drive for continuous improvement make them an invaluable asset, ensuring that every product is repackaged with utmost precision and care. We are incredibly proud of our production team and their significant contributions to our success.
With a focus on efficiency, we expertly pack both ambient and refrigerated products, employing a seamless blend of cutting-edge automation and skilled human intervention.

Our product distribution is authorized and regulated by our Wholesale Dealers Authorisation issued by the HPRA. We take the utmost of care to operate within the comprehensive guidelines of Good Distribution Practice, safeguarding the quality and integrity of our medicines at every stage of the supply chain. This unwavering commitment ensures that our products reach their destinations with the highest level of assurance, maintaining their optimal quality throughout the distribution process.

Quality Control & Assurance

At PCO, we are driven by our ethos of high quality, compliance & excellence across everything we do. The Quality Policy of PCO is to ensure that all our products fully meet the requirements of our customers, while maintaining the highest standards of compliance, safety and effectiveness within current regulatory requirements.
This is achieved by a commitment from Senior Management to operate the company under the discipline and control of a Quality Management System which conforms to the EU Guidelines for both Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Distribution Practice.

The organisation, procedures and training necessary to achieve the required standards are described in our Quality Management System, which is maintained, monitored and evaluated by the Quality Team, focusing on continual development of all stages of process lifecycles. The implementation and effectiveness of the Quality Management System is monitored routinely at Management Review.
Our Quality Team, which incorporates Quality Control and Quality Assurance, have gained extensive experience of best practice and, by working closely with the regulatory authorities, we have developed a reputation for the quality of both the products and services supplied to our customers.

Regulatory Department

PCO holds a combination of Parallel Product Authorisations and Parallel Distribution Notifications which permits us to import and repackage over 800 different products from European member states.
Parallel Product Authorisations (PPAs) for nationally authorised product are issued by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) in Ireland and Parallel Distribution Notifications (PDNs) for Centrally Authorised Products are issued by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) based in Amsterdam.
Both authorisation routes involve a rigorous application and assessment process by the relevant competent authority during which the proposed labelling and package leaflet texts are assessed and equivalence with the Irish market product is established.   

Following the initial approval of those authorisations, the Regulatory Team have a continuing regulatory obligation to maintain those authorisations and the product information in line with that of the Irish market reference product. This includes the submission of relevant variations and the updating of the relevant repackaging instructions once those variations have been approved.

The Regulatory Team at PCO also maintain a portfolio of UK Parallel import licences issued by the MHRA. These products are also repackaged at our facility in Ashbourne and are destined for the UK market.


Vacancies at PCO

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    General Operative
    As a General Operative in our pharmaceutical wholesaler and manufacturer, you will play a crucial role in completing vital GMP/GDP tasks in the Goods Inwards, Production, and/or Dispatch departments. This dynamic role requires a detail-oriented individual with a strong commitment to maintaining elevated levels of concentration, a willingness to learn and achieve, and a dedication to upholding patient safety and quality standards within the organisation.About You:Strong attention to detail and ac

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